branding, signage, menus, window graphics, interior brand murals

Delicious, healthy bowls served in a fresh, modern, colorful environment.

Logo Design

Restauranteur Andrew Silver came to us with a dream—and a solid plan to open a fast-casual restaurant that would serve customizable, Latin-inspired bowls to people wanting healthy, fresh, delicious food. Funny thing—his previous, and very successful, restaurant in Virginia had been called Zócalo, so it seemed that the stars were aligned for us to work together. As we always do with start-up businesses, we began by developing a logo—in this case, one that would communicate the fun, fresh, modern personality that Andrew envisioned for his new restaurant.


In collaboration with Fresco and one of our favored sign fabricators, we designed a dimensional, internally lit sign that would attract customers to enjoy the fun vibe and delicious food within. We also designed and oversaw the production and installation of interior signage, window graphics, as well as merch, menu boards, and other marketing collateral.

In order to bring some hand-crafted elements into the space, we hired our favorite sign painter to hand letter the beverage station and logo wall mural.