Vital Farms

enterprise-level website design & build with custom functionalities

Vital Farms, the beloved purveyor of ethically produced eggs and dairy products, engaged Zócalo to help them build their enterprise-level website with sophisticated functionality that allows consumers to, for example, see videos of the farms from which their specific carton of eggs originated.

Traceability Solutions

Vital Farms works with over 275 small farms to collectively achieve their mission to produce ethical food. They asked us to help them build a solution that allows people to see the exact farm that supplied their eggs. We built a searchable database that corresponds to a code on each carton of eggs. Enter the code into the site and one is taken to the a page with a 360° video of the chickens happily roaming their pasture. That’s traceability.


As a national brand, Vital Farms’ website serves numerous different needs. From help desk functionality, product finders, applications, ecommerce, and more. We built them a solution that integrates with their various platforms to create a unified user experience.