Kosmic Kombucha

packaging, branding, merch, collateral, website

This home-grown kombucha company came to Zócalo seeking to elevate their visual identity in order to accelerate their growing presence in Austin and gain market share locally and regionally. We’ve enjoyed working with them and watching their business grow. And their ‘buch is unbeatable!


Zócalo has created a variety of unified packaging designs for Kosmic’s different product offerings, including single-serving bottles, cases, growlers, and kegs. We have helped source and oversee the production of their packaging with excellent results.


Zócalo enhanced and refined Kosmic’s original logo, and built a cohesive overall brand identity using color, typography, and geometric shapes that distinguish Kosmic Kombucha from its competitors.

Website Design/Build

The client’s website is a playful and functional extension of the branding and packaging work we’ve done for Kosmic Kombucha over the years. Consumer focused with e-commerce functionality, this site has been a great success for the client and their customers.

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