Forklift Danceworks

naming, branding, collateral, merch, website

For over two decades Zócalo Design has been intimately involved in every aspect of Forklift’s brand. We are honored to be a small part of the success of this local treasure and national leader in community-based art that sparks collaboration and strengthens communities through civic and community engagement.

Naming & Logo Design

From the beginning Forklift Danceworks has found inspiration in the skilled movement performed by workers, such as power linemen, sanitation workers, and grounds crews, to do their jobs. And because Forklift’s work is often done in collaboration with and performed by such workers, both the name Forklift Danceworks and the logo have remained a perfect fit for the company as they have expanded the depth, breadth, and reach of their work over the last 20 years.

All Things Forklift

Event logos and collateral, gala invitations, project posters and mailers, social media and email graphics, merch, website design–we do it all for Forklift Danceworks!